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Customer perception can make or break your brand. We work with you to help your brand build awareness, loyalty and trust with your brand build strategy.
Brand build, social networking
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Investing in your brand build strategy. The best way to a successful online reputation.

Customer perception can make or break your brand. We work with you to help your brand build awareness, loyalty and trust with your brand build strategy. Through your unique strategy we ensure that every “moment of truth” is meaningful.



We believe brand building is a process of creating value for consumers. It encompasses all things that consumers know, feel, and experience every time that they interact with you online. Essentially it your promise to the customer.



When working on your building your brand focus on your audience and their needs and build your “business plan” around meeting and exceeding their expectations. A recognisable and loved brand is one that is well known amongst its community.



Branding is much more than just a cool logo or well-placed ad on social media. Your brand is defined by your followers overall perception of your business. 

  • What are the fundamentals of brand building?

    It's about focus, consistency & differentation.

  • Communication and engaging digitally is an art

    It affects how customers see, feel & talk about you.

  • Why is brand building important for you?

    It’s about how customers identify with your brand.

  • How does your brand build awareness?

    Help them. Make them feel better. Show you care.

  • What is the purpose of brand building?

    Connection & differentiation.

  • Winning the hearts and minds of your audience.

    P2P marketing has become an instant crowd pleaser.

  • Building brand affinity

    Is only achieved when you define your online ID. People buy from people.

  • What is the role of social media in brand building?

    Gain online authority to create loyal brand advocates.

  • Build customers for life

    How can a brand build loyalty? By achieving a significant personal connection.

  • Tracking your brand equity

    10,000 followers mean nothing if they never do business with you.

  • It’s about brand value

    ROI means different things to different people.

  • How do you know if you are reaching the right people?

    By understanding what to measure.

What is Social Authority?

Having authority on social media is to be taken seriously on the platform.

It’s where your target market interacts with your brand as trusted experts in your field.


Social Path will make sure that what you say will be followed by the tastemakers and the kingmakers.

We will maintain impactful and lasting relationships with your online audience, ultimately keeping you in business.


WOM advertising in the digital space has an immense knock on effect.

Building your brand awareness and engagement can only be achieved when you plan around your specific business goals.

Becoming a brand with heart.
Your storytelling success is our success.
The foundation of brand building should be determined by your social audience. A process that requires commitment and dedication.


Building a successful brand requires you to be authentic and transparent but also different from the rest. Give your followers a reason to want to engage with your brand.
One of the most important ways to build your brand through social networking is forming your brand’s voice online. The way you communicate with your followers affects how your followers will respond in future.
Building your brand online

Do you know what people will find when they search for you? Owning a business without a strong online presence means people can’t find you. Without a strong presence, you will not be trusted.


Are you even making an appearance online? We live in an era where everything is online and digital connection is rising. At Social Path we dig deep. Building your brand in the digital space is what we live for.


Our magic 7 step process ensures that your brand has a strong foundation based on fact. Let’s chat about your building blocks that will make business sense.

Initial steps of brand building

All businesses, big or small, need an online presence. Well-built online strategies that deliver on business objectives. Your potential customers, business partners & future colleagues all research you online. 


We recognise that it is of the utmost importance to ensure you’re leveraging the tools available to you. Accurately presenting your best self to your audienceWhat sets you apart?


We love to cyberstalk & understand your unique value proposition. Everyone can give good service but what makes them come back for more? Make them love you.

Social presence is an asset

Digital is just a platform. It enables you to connect & share on a larger scale. Showcase your values and build relationships online. Engage continuously with your audience to gain online authority & create loyal brand advocates. 


We are good listeners & know the rules of engagement. It’s not what you know, it’s who you know.  Roll out your brand build strategy with the aim of growing your social authority


Gain authority on social media and build your brand into a trusted friend. Be liked and talked about by the people that matter to your business.