Social Path | Magical innovative marketing ideas
What sets you apart from the rest? Is it a magical idea that has the passion to turn into something great? Or is it innovation? Regardless of what it is, it all starts the same – with innovative marketing ideas.
Innovative marketing ideas, successful digital marketing campaigns
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Magical innovative marketing ideas

What sets you apart from the rest? Is it a magical idea that has the passion to turn into something great? Or is it innovation? Regardless of what it is, it all starts the same – with innovative marketing ideas.


Ever heard the saying: “No idea is a bad idea”? Well, it’s true. There is no such thing as a bad idea. It’s not about right or wrong. It’s about generating different ideas from different people, throwing it all out there and seeing what resonates best.

Shoot from the same hip

After strategically analysing your brand, what it stands for and who your target audience is, the next step is alignment. Take every piece of your marketing strategy and make sure that it serves the goals you have set.

Look inside your brand

A brand cannot move forward without knowing what they’re working towards. Look closely at your brand’s overall needs and decide how you would like to use social media marketing to contribute towards reaching your audience.

Know what ideas resonate

When it comes time to generate innovative marketing ideas, your target audience should always be top of mind. An idea could be the pinnacle of brilliance, but if it doesn’t fit well with your audience, then it will likely be unsuccessful.

Customer focused approach

Be empathetic in the sense of putting yourself in their shoes. If you struggle to see things and view your service from their point of view, then you do not know your customer well enough. Make getting to know your customer your priority.

Why develop a content marketing process?
It’s crucial to know what you expect.
We believe that success is a by-product of a strong team that does their planning and consistent execution.
Having defined processes in place makes it much easier to move campaigns from ideation to execution.
What shape and form does success come in for you?
Do you want to attract new customers?
Increase leads and drive traffic?
  • Planning

    This involves everything involved in research, preparation and ideation.

  • Publishing

    Includes everything involved in creation and execution of content.

  • Promotion

    Inclusive of everything involved in the promotion of a piece of content.

  • Measurement

    This includes everything that is involved in analysing performance.

  • Results

    Place focus on processes that create your brand predictability.

  • Ideation

    Understanding your audience & end goal – making magic.

The big idea. This is what ideation is all about.

It is an essential part of the design process and is where an idea is broken down as a basic element of thought and understood.


Ideas are a dime a dozen. Each day everyone has tons of new, exciting and innovative ideas. The real challenge lies not in coming up with these magical ideas, but in determining which of these ideas will produce the most value.


Once this has been determined, it comes time implement these ideas as well as humanly possible. The act of making an idea work and come to life is the true difficulty and it is vital for a successful digital marketing campaign. A tried and trusted 4-part process for ideation is as follows:



Break the ice and alleviate any anxiety that will act as a communication barrier. Involve everyone and compile as many ideas as possible, regardless of how scattered they may be. The goal here is to generate ideas and think outside the box.



So, you now have a bunch of brilliant and spotted ideas, what now? It’s time to compile and refine all the ideas. Have an open discussion where everyone’s ideas are included. Get feedback and rank ideas that seem actionable.


Separate the wheat from the chaff

It is now time to curate your findings and identify those with the greatest value to the client. At this stage you should have a decent number of practical ideas that could be implemented. It’s time for the final step…


Plan production

The final stage in the ideation process is planning production. Recap and rethink everything that has happened throughout the process. Come together and devise a plan that will be most effective for implementing the chosen idea(s).

Is it that magical innovative marketing idea that you know how to turn into something great? Or is it the innovation you have used to create something great?
We believe in utilising this predictability to that grow brands and improve online reputations. This assists in providing a framework in which to produce new content that will make an impact.
Make sure every client has direction of where their content is coming from, when it will be shared with the world and with what metrics it is being tracked with. 
It is vital to construct a content marketing process in the early stages to facilitate quicker content generation in the future. Adapting to your empower customer requires slightly different content.
Remember: by clearly defining what you aim to achieve in your strategy and setting specific goals, you are better able to measure success. We believe that this the formula for a successful digital marketing campaign.