Social Path | Savvy Social Media on the go
Do you know what fuels your audience’s motivation to follow you? Be a company that is social media savvy and at the forefront of better customer service with social media on the go.
social media on the go, social media management tools
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Social Media on the GO

Do you know what fuels your audience’s motivation to follow you? Be a company that is social media savvy and at the forefront of better customer service with social media on the go.


The gist of social media customer care is building sustainable relationships with your audience. Fostering those relationships with constant engagement while you are on the go.


A smartphone. This is all you need to be able to engage with your audience on the go. Advancements in technology have allowed for flexibility and on-the-go engagement. This has and will continue to change the way businesses are interacting with customers.

A world of possibilities

Smartphones enable us to do so much more than we were previously able to do. In the world of social media, communication is no longer limited to 160 characters. At the push of a button, lies uncapped communication power.

Bearing all on social

Having the face of your brand on social media can be quite an intimidating task. Balancing multiple social media accounts, tracking your campaigns & responding to people online. All in all, it can be nerve wrecking when you go social.

Beware the trolls!

Being online and active on social media doesn’t mean the sole purpose of your activity involves doing campaigns. It includes dealing with jealous ‘trolls’ (beware) while keeping up to date with the latest trends and fads.

Consistent interaction is key

Being online allows an interaction like never before – it allows you to build relationships with your customers. Always ensure that you engage with them in a way that matters and truly makes a difference. That’s what lasts.

Why do you need management tools?
Having a social media presence bears countless benefits.
We live in a dynamic era where people simply don’t have the time to sit for hours on end looking for a product online. People want and expect everything to be at their fingertips. The truth in the matter? The brand that gets to them first wins… they will always win.
Getting your brand “on the go” and at your audience’s fingertips should be your primary goal.
This is where social media management tools enter the equation.
Using these tools, you can track every click and every eye ball.
Monitor using these tools and find which platform(s) work best for you.
  • Brand building

    Social media establishes brand personality and gives your brand a voice.

  • Reputation management

    Think negative vs positive sentiment and word of mouth on social.

  • Website traffic

    If you are active on social media, the amount of traffic to your website will increase.

  • Engagement

    Social media allows you to always be a part of your customer’s journey.

  • Trust

    Be there in their quest for authenticity with an online presence.

  • Loyalty

    Having a good online reputation that sets your brand apart.

Online reputation management. Make or break.

Before times of social media, negative word of mouth was deemed very destructive. Social Media communication is the voice that people relate to. With social media on the go, negative sentiment can be turned into a positive, in a public way, rather easily.


Make your customer relationships more attainable and valuable. By being ahead of the curb, you can protect your digital footprint by doing the following:


  • Researching and keeping up to date with the latest trends.
  • Experimenting on different platforms (you never know what might work until you try it)
  • Immersing yourself in the communities that surround your brand


As you learn about your brand and the very communities in which they exist, you will be able to tailor your content to expand into new territories and seek out ways to gain your followers trust.


Social media on the go means that you can reach your customers where they are. Instead of placing a billboard where you have determined they might be, you can directly reach them… with no traffic.


You have the opportunity to take your brand to your consumers and cater to their needs right then and there with social media management tools.

Social media on the go isn’t just for your customers. It means that you stay on the bleeding edge of what happens in the exciting and ever-changing world of social media.
Being social is not only about which campaign is bringing in the most traffic and what type of content is working the best. You need to know what the word is on the street, about your brand.
Having the latest social media tools not only allows you to monitor and engage on different platforms but it allows you to protect your brand online. Don’t put in all that effort only for it to disappear overnight. 
It’s important to note that although these social management tools provide state of the art ways of organising your social media accounts, you must be constantly learning and educating yourself. You’re only as good as your last post.
Gone are the days where people have to sit in front of a tv or listen to a radio station or drive passed a billboard to receive a message. People are presented with your brand while checking their friend’s Facebook posts or by browsing through their Tweets or Instagram feed.