Social Path | Powerful social media strategy
Given the power of social media, wouldn’t you agree that it is critically important for businesses to not only get social, but implement a powerful social media stratey.
social media strategy, social media content strategy
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A powerful social media strategy

Social media is the most powerful type of marketing the world has ever seen. So, why haven’t you developed a social media strategy?


It comes as no surprise – social media is a powerhouse. It offers businesses an extremely effective way of doing what was previously, a truly difficult task – build trust.


It is therefore safe to say that it is critically important for business to not only have a social media presence but to harness its supremacy through processes and strategy implementation that support scalable, efficient and successful social engagement.

What is a social media strategy?

When taking a holistic view, we need to figure out why do we want to do this. Cue social media strategy. The strategy helps us figure out and define the why. Add business KPI’s and start your journey to success.

Defining your audience

You need to be assured that the content you are devoting time to produce is targeted to the right people and is aligned with their interests. I’ts all about creating quality content that people want to consume.

Social media content strategy

It is not a megaphone – it’s a dinner table. Conversations drive reputation and understand that you have no control over content once you unleash it (much like a conversation at a dinner party!).

Defining your social goals

Developing a social media content strategy often starts with a keyword analysis, which will help you uncover the language that your audience or community is using while on the social media.

Building a winning social media strategy.
You can’t just have a social media strategy without a content strategy in place.
There is plenty of “stuff” in the world. Don’t add more “stuff” to the world by not having a content strategy.
When mapping out a social media content strategy in its infancy stage, you should be able to answer the 4 W’s:
What – What is it that you want to achieve?
When – When should the strategy be put into motion and when should you publish?
Where – Where is this content going to be published?
Why – Why are you choosing the content you have chosen?
  • Know your audience

    Get to know your community and join conversations they care about.

  • Know what you want to achieve

    Put measurements in place to track your defined results.

  • Keep your finger on the pulse.

    Know our strategy is a living breathing thing.

  • 12 month strategy?

    Stop and plan. Make social make business sense.

  • Get eyeballs regularily

    Create content that resonates and encourages connection.

  • Niche your brand

    Adjust and optimise your strategy continuously.

Creating sticky engaging content that lasts.

You may have a superior product or service, but unless it is directed to an appropriate audience, it won’t have any impact. Keep in mind that a social media content strategy is a commitment.


Define your audience. Find out who these people are what makes them tick. Survey your customers, ask questions, determine your audience size and narrow them down to a tee.


Analysing your target market and getting to know them is vital in finding out what kind of content to create that will connect & resonate with them as well as drive engagement.


The more relevant conversation creating content you can share, the more conversations you’ll be able to have with your audience. As a result – you will foster a lasting connection with them. Brands need to work really hard to avoid the, “I came. I puked. I left” scenario. Have a lasting impact to be share worthy.


Bringing a social media content strategy to life often begins with keyword analysis. This helps in uncovering the language in which your audience is using.


The magic lies in work harding at analysing your public. Getting to know who your audience is. Finding out what kind of content to create, that will connect and resonate with them.


What will drive engagement, and actually give you more eyeballs? We believe that while creating content brands should keep in mind that they should always seek to;


  • Provide deeper meaning with education
  • Inspire people with heart felt vision
  • Question the norm to get to the truth
  • Engage with authenticity that resonates
  • Drive new business (1 product push only!)
Your social media content strategy is a commitment not a campaign
Quality content adds so much value to your brand, that it will allow you to earn your seat at the table.
Track not your successes, but also your failures. You can learn from them both and become better as a result.
To receive your earned content be committed to the journey;
● Getting feedback from your audience
● Building a list of tools and resources that will help along your content creation journey
● Building a system that you will be able to create and implement a strategy for you and your team
Create magical strategies that will set your brand apart online
To create a social media strategy, like with any strategy, you need to define your social goals. Which could mean be the following;
● Know what your customers, audience or community want to talk about.
● Know what your customers are willing to engage with.
● Know where your audience wants to have these conversations
● Measure the results of your conversations to see which ones work best
Creating a content marketing strategy may sound daunting, but it does not have to be.
Have a keyword analysis done to start you on the path to your content strategy. Once you’ve identified some of your key phrases, work on getting to know where your community wants to have these conversations.
Once you have developed your goals, created your content and implemented a sharing schedule?
Check your website’s analytics and see how your analytics is doing with your traffic. Are the viewers staying on your site long enough, where are they landing, where are they spending the most time and what are they exploring?