Social Path | Conversation initiation with social people
At the heart and soul of social media is conversation initiation. Through inspiring content and meaningful posts, we strive to have meaningful conversations.
Conversation initiation, Social people
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Conversation initiation with social people

Conversation initiation with social people

At the heart and soul of social media is conversation initiation 🗣. Through inspiring content and meaningful posts, we strive to have meaningful conversations, but why is it so difficult to spark conversation with these social people?

Find out how you can proactively initiate conversation on social media through our cheat sheet to meaningful conversations.

Cheat sheet to meaningful conversations

Sitting back and waiting for your audience to converse with you is a pretty old-school tactic that quite frankly, doesn’t fit the bill. Embed these 7 tactics into the fiber of your conversation plan and never worry about initiation again.

  • Answer questions
  • Create content. Magical, conversation-worthy content
  • Learn
  • Optimise
  • Be a star participant
  • Engage
  • Extend beyond the blog

Conversation initiation with social people Answer questions 🔮

Social media platforms offer the ability to conduct searches 🔎 and find out what people are talking about and what they need help with. Find out what people need help with. Spend some time answering questions that play relevancy to your industry provide them with the answers they so longingly seek.

Create content. Magical, conversation-worthy content 🎩

Conversations occur all around social media. Conversations about all sorts of topics, events, news, and trends. Do some research and find out what topics have a large number of natural occurrences. Create content around these findings, content that gets people talking. Not just ordinary content, but spectacular content 💥.

Learn 📖

Social media is constantly changing and so is your audience, their interests, and their habits. It is your responsibility to keep up to date with these things. Be constantly learning about your audience, know them like the back of your hand. See learning as a never-ending process and embrace it.

Optimise 💻

Going hand-in-hand with learning is optimisation. Due to the fact that your audience is constantly shaping and changing, you need to optimise accordingly. If a certain tactic isn’t working then adjust, learn, optimise and try again.

Be a star participant ⭐

Unless you chat and participate, no one will really know who you are. No matter how amazing you are, you haven’t spoken, so they don’t know your voice. Find an organised chat that is relevant to your industry and business and involve yourself. Familiarity is a powerful thing.

Engage 👥

One of the fundamental keys to conversation is being proactive. Many people fail in this aspect because they fear not sharing meaning. Noise (things that prevent the sharing of meaning) are always going to be present. Be proactive.

Extend beyond the blog 💛

If someone comments on your blog or strikes conversation initiation there, extend beyond the blog. Mix it up and take the chat to other platforms. Extending to other platforms can bring out different perspectives and points of view. Twitter dialogue is more fast-paced, whereas LinkedIn conversation is more professional. Experiment and mix it up.

Conversation initiation is by no means an easy feat. There will always be people who like to engage in political arguments, ignite debates and push buttons. This is part and parcel and you must see past this. Be proactive, stick to your guns and create content that mesmerizes your audience.

Do this and add the above 7 tips to your conversation-starting arsenal and you will be sharing meaning in no time. To help you stay ahead of the game and keep your audience at the edge of their seat, wanting more, we have compiled a list of the latest news and trends within the industry.

News and trends

2018 has been a year for many new features and customer preferences. Social media is continuing to disrupt with a plethora of technological advancements. Below we list 3 for you to prepare for:

  • LinkedIn launches Snapchat-like features
  • Google set to launch playable in-game ads
  • Instagram’s shoppable ads make it to 8 more countries
LinkedIn launches Snapchat-like features

According to David Cohen from Adweek: “A touch of Snapchat and Instagram is coming to LinkedIn, as the professional network Tuesday announced the debut of filters and text styles for its members’ videos.” This will allow users to add a sense of context.

Google set to launch in-game ads

Frederic Lardinois, from TechCrunch tells us: “Maybe you’ve seen this kind of ad in a game you have played: your character dies and then the game asks you to watch a short video ad in return for an extra life. That’s actually a feature of Google’s  AdMob advertising service, and today it’s extending this with playable ads, a new type of ad that fits far better into a game.”

Instagram’s shoppable ads make it to 8 more countries

With Instagram bookmaking shopping as their next step forward, Jon Fingas (@Jon Fingas) from Engadget informs us: “Accordingly, the social photo service has started trotting out its shopping feature to eight more countries, including Australia, Brazil, Canada, France, Germany, Italy, Spain and the UK.” The involvement is still the same – tap the post to reveal tags that will give you more information about the products.

There you have it. Whether you are of one of those social people looking for a way to start a meaningful conversation or simply looking for ways to improve your conversation initiation – It’s time to start the conversation!