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Your digital footprint information is part of your online history and can be tracked in a database. What are the numerous ways that we leave these trails?
Digital footprint information, Analytics social media
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Your digital footprint information counts. Be the brand who knows who their customers are.

Your brands digital footprint information is a part of your customers online history and can be tracked in a database. But, what are some of the numerous ways that our brand leaves these trails?


Remember: everything that your customers do on social media; from Facebook posts, to retweeting a Tweet, to commenting on someone’s new profile picture, all leaves a record to enable you to be more relevant.


Your cutomers digital habits allow for information collectionAll great brands look to their website anaytics to understand who their target market are.


As you can see, your customers online identity is extremely important. Be sure to place plenty of focus on caring about your brands digital footprint. Managing your identity is extremely important.

  • Tracking your digital footprint

    Have a view of your brands online activity.

  • Active brand footprints

    Intentionally leave behind customer clues.

  • Passive digital footprints

    Love unintentional UGC from customers.

  • Social media posts

    A great example of active footprints.

  • Entice website visitors

    Collect passive information on your audiences.

  • Social Media footprints

    Reflections of conversations about your brand.

  • Take steps for control

    By ensuring you take care of your brands digital footprint.

  • Track to improve

    Use multiple tools to measure your online efforts

  • Stimulate brand growth

    Decipher what your audience is interested in.

  • Analytics from Social Media

    Understand what conversations exist around your brand.

  • There's no denying it

    Social Media is a swarming place of data.

  • Better your footprint results

    Take a deeper dive into the world of analytics.

Tracking and measuring with social media analytics

In order to succeed, you need to able to track and test certain strategies to uncover effective (as well as ineffective strategies).


Without knowing what is and isn’t working you can’t really guarantee success. Think of it as driving with your eyes closed – you’re not sure where you’re or how to get there.


So where does analytics come into the equation? Analytics in social media can be used in providing insights as to what people are interested in and what they are interested in hearing about.


With the insights produced through these analytics, you can find out what makes your audience tick. Discover their behavioral triggers as well as topics they want  to talk about & immerse them in your brand story.

How do you decide on the right analytics tools? This differs from brand to brand as it depends on your objectives & needs.
Many social media networks come equipped with analytics tools. These tools are free and very helpful, many brands don’t realise the power they are able to harness from these analytics.


However, to extend further, you may have to subscribe to certain services. These more advanced tools work across multiple sites and not just single social media sites.
Tracking is a vital part in bettering your results and increasing your campaign success. By not tracking, you are not able to sufficiently improve.


Analytics can the determining factor in successful campaigns which is why is important to use these tools. If you aren’t using them already – start using them.
Social media analytics

Working towards brand awareness & positive digital footprint information? You need to do everything in your power to not only grow but influence your audience online.


It’s important to know the difference between certain terms (as they will help in better understanding what you are doing). The true importance lies in tracking and monitoring your progress. 


Through analytics, you can see where you are falling short & create a winning strategy that will leave a positive trail for everyone to see.

Digital footprints
Views vs impressions

What’s the difference between views and impressions? Views is the term used to describe the action of a user visiting a webpage.


A webpage that has a greater amount of views is more often than not, preferred by online advertisers as opposed to a webpage with a lesser amount of views. A page impression is used in a different context to page views.


The term is used in context relating to an element that appears on a webpage. The ‘element’ we speak of can be anything from text to a video.

Creativity typing
The ultimate brand goal

While views and impressions are used interchangeably and commonly tracked, brands need to unlimitedly measure their footprints performance.


Reach and frequency are a great measure to see how popular your brand has become and if enough people are seeing your digital footprints you leave behind.


Looking after your digital footprint takes a great amount of diligence. Taking care of traces of analytics social media and content shared & generated by examining public conversations to reach your brand goals.