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Earned content is 1 thing that is often missing in many marketer’s magic making arsenal. What is a brilliant website without anyone interacting & seeing it?
Earned content, Content brands and audience
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Earning your seat at the table with earned content. Tell stories that resonate.

Earned content is one thing that is often missing in many marketer’s magic making arsenal. After all – what is a brilliant website without anyone interacting or seeing it? Has it gained eyeballs and made it’s way to other people? If so – that is earned content.

One thing that needs to be understood is that your influencers, your brand advocates, brand fans etc. should be part of your brands target market
This is the key to succeeding at earned media content. 

So, what is earned content? Simply put – earned content is media exposure that comes without having to pay for it. This is the point that many brands strive for: to have gained the trust of their fans and constructed a group of loyal ambassadors.


Something marketers often struggle with is creating enough content to keep things stimulating and fresh. This why, a successful content strategy with clear milestones and business objectives is imperative.

  • Know the P.O.S.E theory

    The focus of Paid vs Owned vs Shared vs Earned content.

  • Content types? What is the difference?

    Draw out conclusions to what types work and what don't.

  • Promote your content

    Use paid content to to drive earned content.

  • Unique to your brand

    Owned media is any web content that you have control over.

  • Focus more on your owned media

    We live in a world of shared content everywhere.

  • The sharing economy

    Earned content has become more significant.

  • Unrivalled promotional opportunity

    An eco-system of ‘peer-to-peer’ recommendations.

  • What about UGC?

    It’s more powerful than you think.

  • User Generated Content?

    You can become the most powerful brand.

  • The secret to success...

    Convergence of SMM & Content strategies

  • Expansion beyond expectations

    Shared content has the potential to spread.

  • Do people talk about your brand?

    Keep an eye on conversation.

Remember the difference between the different types of content

Placing focus on the different types of media helps in generating content that will not only reach the right audience at the right time but also ensure you earn your seat at the table.


Keep in mind – take time to measure what is working for you and what isn’t. It wont happen overnight. Express patience.


What works best? A healthy mix of paid, owned and earned media working together to counteract the weaknesses of each channel, while running a campaign. All 4 types of content play a massive role in tying your brand content and audience together.


If you don’t have content to supply, whether it’s user generated or not, you won’t have an audience to push your brand further and as a result – you won’t be able to leave a positive digital footprint.

Getting closer to your fans to build brand affinity can always be achieved with great content.
By producing UGC it allows your brand to no longer need to rely on the messages you send out.
Many brands already have a great amount of UGC waiting to be used. If you doubt the effectiveness of UGC, think about big brands that have been transformed from brand advocacy.
By earning a placement, rather than paying for one, your audience is likely to see you as more authoritative and more so – authentic.
Digital footprints
Focusing on content

People are getting together in digital communities and creating as well as sharing online content with their peers. From status updates to videos, memes & gifs.


Fill that digital sweet spot in your audience’s online life by creating a successful campaign that comprises of an industry-shifting combination of all 4 media combinations.


Through this, you can earn your seat at the table and add earned content to your magic making arsenal.

Marketing building blocks

There is a directly proportionate relationship between owned media efforts and the effectiveness of earned and paid media.

Social media and blogs are extensions of your website, and these are extensions of your brand.

As we progress in discovering what works for us, it allows us to place more focus on creating content that will educate, inspire, inform and build affinity.

Promoting content helps

There is a lot of competition online – so why not get the right content in front of the right eyes? 


Understand the notion that paying to promote content can help get the ball rolling. It can assist in creating more exposure for your brand but earned content needs to be a focus.


If you are well equipped and passionate about getting your brand, content and story out there to reach your audience, social media advertising is a sure-fire way.