Social Path | Protect your digital footprint
Each day, intentionally or not, we are contributing to an ever-expanding painting of our brands online image. Learn how to protect your digital footprint.
Protect your digital footprint, Online reputation
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Protect your digital footprint. Today, your online reputation precedes you so make it great.

Each day, intentionally or not, we are contributing to an ever-expanding painting of our brands online image. Learn how to protect your digital footprint & know what kind of trail you’re leaving behind.


A new client is likely to run a search of your company before officially asking for a meeting or a new business venture. So, it is therefore necessary that you make a good first impression by having a positive online presence… How? By protecting your digital footprint.


What is online reputation management? It is the process of being in control of what appears when someone searches you or your brand online. Protecting your digital footprint is important business as damaging content such as negative Google results. Risky social posts can be detrimental to your online presence.


What is your digital footprint? Your brand’s digital footprint or digital reputation is all the information that exists online about your brand. Whether it was posted by you or someone else commenting about your brand – these things formulate your digital footprint.

  • Your Digital footprint matters

    A positive digital footprint can lead to brand growth.

  • The eyes that matter most

    Portray your brand in a positive light with your fans.

  • Can people judge you?

    Yes, they can! It's important to maintain a first-class reputation.

  • The web listens with open ears

    It is vital, as a brand, to understand what you are leaving behind.

  • Maintaining a good reputation

    Everywhere on the web... Is no simple task.

  • Social media crisis management

    A social media crisis can emerge at any time.

  • Damage control needs to be done

    No matter the reason / cause make sure you are prepared.

  • To stay ahead of any crisis

    You need to be able to keep an eye on what is happening online.

  • What have you left behind?

    Your brands reputation is based on the perception your followers have of you.

  • Take control of your online reputation

    Promoting positive content that makes you look noble.

  • There will always be negative content

    Customers find attraction in brands that handle negativity.

  • When dealing with a crisis

    Remember that your brands digital footprint is already online.

Managing your brands digital footprint

Your brand can go from being the most loved brand, that is trending online, to the most criticised brand in less than 60 seconds.  1 inappropriate post or comment that is made can break you.


Negative items that show up online can really damage your brand. In order to begin gaining control over your brand’s digital footprint you need to know what is out there. What footprint has your brand already created? What does your brands online reputation look like?


This is the 1st step in recognising and understanding where your brand is at in terms of its online reputation. You need engage in extensive research, to help address any negative footprints you may have knowingly or unknowingly created. Start building your brand in a positive light.

Always be careful and aware. You are what you say.
Comments that your brand has said about or to others, intentionally or unintentionally, contribute towards your digital footprint.


Thus, all the information online can be gathered and used to put your brand in a compromising position. It is safe to say that it can either make or break your brands online reputation. People underestimate the impact that social media can have on brands.
As a brand you need to realise that you are contributing to an ever-growing encyclopaedia of who you are online. Many years from now anyone will be able to google your brand and they will see everything that has ever existed/been said about you. Good or bad.
Take your reputation seriously

A bad online reputation arises when someone searches for your brand on Google and they are exposed to:

  • Negative reviews
  • Slander about your brand
  • Bad content that appears in search


Some content may be fake & submitted by your competitors to harm your online reputation. Others may be comments submitted by a genuine user or follower.


Thus, it is important to make use of professional tools and knowledge to sift through the clutter and keep what is genuine and discard what is damaging.

Eliminate any potential damage

The aim is to not make it worse but instead, to focus on making sure that you are reputing yourself and your brand as moral, transparent and trustworthy.


You want your brand to be associated with only good content and reviews that will make other people who are not your followers want to become your followers. Not all negative content is negative.


Sometimes what may seem negative can actually be beneficial for your brand in the long run. Have the resources and skills to handle all that as a mark of a true brilliance.

Digital footprints
Social media crisis management

You may not plan for one but make sure that you are prepared to protect your digital footprint when one emerges. Things such as;

  • Faulty products / bad service
  • Bad quality content
  • Lousy, unplanned campaigns
  • A slip of a tongue from someone in the company


Can tarnish your digital footprint and destroy your reputation with your followers that you have spent a long-time building.


In order to put out a fire you will need to put steps in place for a good hose. Have the skills & knowledge to positively calm the storm.