Social Path | SMART objectives for success
Adding SMART objectives to your magic making arsenal ensures you give your social media community what they want, when they want it. The measure of your success is quality, not quantity.
SMART objectives, what is a community
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SMART Objectives make social make sense

Adding SMART objectives to your magic making arsenal ensures you give your social media community what they want, when they want it. The measure of your success is quality, not quantity.


Social Media success is based on time and certainty. Fact is – time is more valuable than money online. Regardless of where you come from, what industry you work in, or what goals you have; time is the most valuable commodity.


Time spent with your brand means; awareness, likeability, virality and most importantly affinity. Using SMART techniques for your social media strategy breeds loyalty.

Are you targeting right?

Your social audience are the ones that like, share, repost, retweet and click on the link that directs them to website, blog or your contact us page. This can all be achieved either through paid or unpaid media which is all identified in your smart objectives.

Using SMART helps you

SMART goals were fabricated to help better identify what you would like to accomplish. Zig Ziglar said to not count the things you do but the things that count. Our ethos of using SMART provides shape and guidance throughout a project to gain success for your brand.

Transforming your brand

The secret to overcoming common brand challenges comes in the form of a 5-letter acronym: SMART. Transforming your social media strategy as it injects structure, metrics, timelines, and a sense of purpose into every choice you make for your brand.

Social Media success goal

Goals are the first step in turning the invisible into the visible. Our brands who set strategies with SMART objectives succeed because they know where they are going. Take care of the detail and prove your social success is doable by making your brand exceptional.

The marvelous concept of SMART.
Failing to plan, is planning to fail.
Similarly, to everything else in business (and life), S.M.A.R.T goals can change.
Don’t let this steer you off course. Constantly evaluate your goals and re-set as needed.
So next time you find yourself overwhelmed at the start of a project, join us for a cuppu to discuss your SMART objectives.
That makes all the difference in the world.
  • Specific

    Focus your efforts and motivate yourself to achieve your brands goals

  • Measureable

    Put down some metrics you can use to determine your success

  • Achievable

    For your brand goal to be successful, it needs to be realistic

  • Relevant

    Make sure your plans drive everyone forward within your business

  • Timely

    If it lacks realistic timing, you will be less likely to achieve it.

  • Be S.M.A.R.T

    To know what you want is the 1st step to achieving it

The art of defining SMART Objectives


How do you focus your efforts and motivate yourself to achieve your goals? By being specific. When you are drawing up your goals, be sure to answer the 5 W’s:


  • Who – who needs to be aboard to achieve this goal?
  • What – With a detailed mindset, think about what it is you are trying to accomplish
  • Why – Why do you want to achieve this goal?
  • Where – (Not always applicable) but if location is present, identify it.
  • Which – Uncover which resources are involved.



Having measurable goals is extremely important. Why? Because what cannot be measured cannot be improved. Stay motivated and track your progress by putting down some metrics you can use to determine if you meet your goal.



For your brand goal to be successful, it needs to be realistic. Your goal is there to inspire motivation and not discourage you. Set your goal so that it stretches your abilities while remaining possible.



Can you answer ‘yes’ to the 5 questions below with regards to your goal?


  • Is this the right time?
  • Is this worthwhile?
  • Does this align with our needs?
  • Am I the right individual to achieve this goal?
  • Is it applicable in the current environment?


If you couldn’t answer ‘yes’ to all the questions, then your goal isn’t relevant. Make sure your plans drive everyone forward and that it makes sense with broader business goals.


Each goal needs to have a target date. If it lacks realistic timing, you will be less likely to achieve it.


Ask yourself questions related to the goal deadline to provide a form of time constraint (this helps in preventing everyday tasks from taking priority over long-term goals). To provide some time-based context, ask yourself the following questions:


  • What can I do today?
  • What can I do 6 weeks from now?
  • What can I do 6 months from now?
  • When do I want to achieve this goal?
We know that setting goals before we begin makes success/failure tracking far easier. But these goals aren’t always focused on ROI. If you are not targeting the right community and continually building your audience, you will miss out on… Sending the right messages to the right people at the right time. Building trust with your audience. Seeing more conversions and new clients. Maximising the ROI for your digital marketing investments and efforts.
Let’s say your goal is to increase brand awareness. This is all about becoming relevant to potential buyers. Posting regular content that answers questions your customers are asking and showing the world who your brand is. Your S.M.A.R.T goal would be: To gain 1,500 followers by the end of the monthThis goal is specific, it’s measurable (analytics can be used to track progress), it’s achievable, realistic and it is timely.
Your goal is to drive traffic to your website. One step above having presence on social media is driving visitors to your website, who will (hopefully) turn into your customers. Your S.M.A.R.T goal would be: To gain 7 5-star reviews on Google in 2 months. This goal meets all the criteria of a S.M.A.R.T goal and through analytics, can track relationships, mentions, ratings as well as reviews from people within a social community.
Every social community is a unique fusion of created personas. While some may be quickly put off by cheesy posts, others may be glad to see that your brand actually has a personality. Be sure to understand your community’s habitual use and preferences. To build brand loyalty and awareness, take this unique opportunity to create a stronger bond and richer relationships with your audience.
We believe that brands who empower themselves to communicate more with their community, asking questions and starting conversations & getting to know their audience better will help their business in the process of growing a loyal community. With the right community management, your brand will attract new fans and advocates. People will flock to hang out on your social community.