Social Path | Social media targeting
One of the biggest challenges that companies have is identifying their audience through Social media targeting to properly reach their desired audience.
Social media targeting, social audience
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What is social media targeting? A targeted approach that is so important for your brand.

Social media targeting is a method of co-ordinating social users to target groups. There are many different strategies in marketing but the most consistent sales form? You guessed it – social media targeting.


Since the inception of social media platforms, one of the biggest challenges that companies have is identifying their audience and properly reaching their desired audience. The ability to target audiences on social media is increasingly important considering that networks have and continue to grow in size.


This means your social media audience needs to increase as well. For your social media marketing efforts, your audience will be the key to a lot of the decisions that you will make regarding your brand.


Knowing who your audience is, on every level, will help you communicate to them. Not just communicate, but communicate in a way that engages their interest and develops loyalty with your brand. Additionally, social media marketing can positively impact your SEO.

  • 3 types of audiences a brand needs to attract

    Customers, influencers & supporters.

  • Why target audience is important

    You need customers to make a living.

  • How do you determine your audience?

    Target new fans to take an interest.

  • You may fall short

    Without your audience consistently following you.

  • Create a business avatar

    Be human.

  • Improve your ability to find them

    Build a connection and start a relationship.

  • Why would your audience chose you?

    What are you offering that makes them stick around?

  • Formulating your social media targeting

    Know the people on the other side of the screen.

  • Re-evaluate values and goals

    Digital marketing should be a fluid process.

  • Repeat customers are vital

    80% of your sales are a direct effect of only 20% of your customers.

  • You need influencers

    To find those customers you want.

  • Supporters help you along the way

    They’re the ones that keep you going.

Your social audience matters

Over time, we have learnt to build an actual emotional connection with our social audience that turns potential into something actionable. Today, one can effectively build global connections — even loyalty without ever meeting somebody. It happens over time, through our content.


We use content to build real authentic lasting relationships, which will benefit your brand in the long run. As brand you should seek to build a loyal following of fans who will advocate for your brand.


Imagine being able to reach more people and target those who are ready to buy and invest into your brand at just the right time.

If you identify what content your audience is looking for, you will know why your audience needs you most.
Imagine that once you have their attention, the content you present to them would be content that is unique, shareable, insightful and trackable.


What an opportunity you have to build trust with complete strangers! Over time, your fans will be in a constant position to buy something from you.
Strive to build a deep connection that can transform to loyalty through social media targeting. And eventually, your audience will have become actionable to the point of becoming your advocates that simply, cannot get enough of you!
How effectively do you target?

An important aspect you should place a lot of focus on is to identify your ideal social media audience & come up with your brand avatar (a fictional person that would act as “an ideal” customer for your brand).


Create a scenario around what your brand has to offer and what your avatars needs are. This will help you identify the right audience for your brand based on that information gained.


The clearer, more detailed and “human” your avatar is, the easier it will be to find the correct people on social media to buy into your brand.

Increase your conversion rates

Having a clear understanding of your target audience for social media will help grab their attention. It will also help you to entice them to become your brand ambassadors.


Your social audience is comprised of all those people who may be interested in the products or services you are offering. Get to know them.


One thing we have realised is that audiences can easily change and expand overtime. It is true and likely for your audience to get bored and thus – lose interest. This is may because of many things, from incorrect targeting to stale content.

It’s important to network

All three of audience types in turn become your brand’s social audience. Once you know who they are, you’ll be able to figure out ways to get their attention and hopefully, keep it.


The world is changing, attitudes are changing. The way your audience consumes content is changing. Successful social media depends on creating meaningful content driven by your audience.


You need to know where to find your audience and what they seek. Attract & keep brand evangalists, they can’t exist without you, and you can’t without them.