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Social Path is committed to protecting its people, information, and assets; complying with legal and regulatory requirements; and meeting industry standards and best practices. These Policies are designed to ensure the implementation of risk-based protocols that effectively mitigate threats of intentional harm against the Company’s Employees, Contractors, facilities, physical infrastructure, and physical property; and to ensure full compliance with all applicable security regulations and standards.

These policies and procedures apply to the Platforms, Information Systems, Data, Services and Networks leveraged or utilised by Social Path and their respective service delivery partners and associates, including any person or device who gains access to these systems or data. The policies therefore apply to all Partners and Employees of Social Path, contractual third parties and representatives of Social Path who use Social Path IT services and solutions, or have access to, or custody of, customer information or Social Path proprietary information.

All Partners and Employees of Social Path, contractual third parties and representatives must therefore understand and adopt these policies, and are responsible for ensuring the safety and security of Social Path systems and the information that they use or manipulate. All users have a role to play and a contribution to make to ensure safe and secure use of the defined Social Path systems, services, platforms and associated technology, and the information that these environments contain. Please find all publicly available Social Path Policy Documentation. Should you require further policy information please contact us.

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