Super quick & straightforward small business website

Want a small business website page to help you be visible online? Social Path, in support of our fellow local businesses, is offering our quick website builder option. We know how hard it is for us “little guys” to keep the flame burning, so we have done a few template pages that we will;

  1. Create your own branded imagery
  2. Add your business content & details
  3. Optimise/SEO (Search Engine Optimisation)
  4. Get you a domain and hosting for the year

As a small website design company, specialising in digital person to person marketing, we want to help build our SA entrepreneurs’ businesses. We know times are tight, so we’re offering you a small business website cost of R 5,000.00 ex Vat – all in – to have you up & running in a week.

Why did we decide to keep it small?

Our Social Path vision of creating an affordable website design for small businesses comes from listening to our customers, friends and family who need help to get online as they;

  1. Don’t have big budgets
  2. Don’t have design skills
  3. Don’t understand Google
  4. Don’t know how to start

So our team decided to put on our thinking caps and do a little good by designing 12 small business website templates that can work for your business. We looked at the best websites for small business owners and then decided to just cover our costs and time because we are all in this together.

We believe everyone should be given a chance to “go digital” and it shouldn’t cost the earth!

How does the website for small business owners work?

You reach out to us we chat with you about the template you love and find out about your special business and objectives. Then we set to work. Social Path will invoice you for 50% to kick start your small business website design-build (including images, content and SEO).

Once we receive proof of payment our magic makers will start to develop your site on our development link and once we are happy with our work we will ask for your thumbs up. When you are happy or after 2 changes (*please note Social Path only allow for 2 updates), we will invoice you for the final payment of 50%.

When the final payment hits our account, we will activate your domain and small business web hosting for the year and take your small company website live.

What happens when your small business website is live?

Because we know that your small business can both grow and sometimes need to be lean, we are offering a small website maintenance fee of R500.00 ex Vat per month (that will keep our coffee full and you online). 

Social Path also offers small business website design packages for when budgets allow. These are our small business web starter prices, designed to support you and your small business;

  1. Social Media Set-Up and Post design (Header &  5 posts) @ R5,000.00 ex Vat
  2. Social Media Advertising Set-Up and Management Fee @ R5,000.00 ex Vat
  3. Google Search Advertising Set-Up and Management Fee @ R5,000.00 ex Vat

** Please note these amounts are at a minimum in support of small businesses.

Should you be looking at a bigger website, small business web design, e-commerce and have a little more to spend please pop us a message and we will be happy to assist with your digital strategy, website, posting and more.