Experience a day at a digital marketing agency with exposure to SEO

Digital marketing agencies are forever evolving, which they should be, in today’s society. By definition, a digital agency “is an advertising agency that has evolved to meet the changing needs of marketing in the digital age.”

The digital realm continues to expand. Exposing digital marketers to more and more.

For someone seeking a career in marketing. It is imperative to join a digital agency sometime throughout your career.

Doesn’t necessarily have to be in the beginning, but the exposure to the different elements of digital can only be beneficial.

The only issue is that everyone has a different view of what a digital marketing agency does.

For people that have worked in one, their experiences will also vary.

I am going to share with you my experience within such an environment. Taking you through a day of a marketer and exposing you to the rewarding moments as well as the challenges within the industry.

An insider view of Social Path digital marketing agency

The digital world continues to change, companies and employees must adapt in order to stay relevant.

Having joined an agency which is conscious about their conduct with clients and has a clear vision, allows for an easy working environment. Showing just how crucial it is to join a company that has similar values to you.

A glimpse of a day at Social Path consists of something like this:

  • Arrive at work, as one would, in order to do work.
  • Grab a glass of water
  • Check-in with colleagues
  • Check daily tasks
  • Read updates within the digital world
    • Share relevant information on social media platform updates
  • Record analytics
    • Google Ad Words
    • Facebook Analytics
    • LinkedIn Ads Manager
  • Community management for clients
  • Create content for the upcoming month for clients
  • Engage with our Search engine optimisation expert (learning)
  • Pick the brain of the bosses (learning)
  • Enjoy lunch
  • Complete side tasks
    • Write blogs
    • Source images
    • Brainstorm ideas
  • Report daily tasks to management

Although not every day looks like this, there are days where you will have more work and others where things are a bit quieter.

The key is an adaptation

Adaptation needs to be embedded in the roots of the company, as it should be with any company which focuses on the marketing scene.

There are more components than just being adaptable that makes the atmosphere so satisfying to work in. 

Social Path Side View grafetti Lady

Always Learning

The ability to learn in a digital marketing agency is endless. You can access the vast amount of information via:

  • Colleagues & Management
  • Online Courses (Google)
  • Hands-on Learning

Speaking to your colleagues who might focus on a specific area of digital marketing or just shadowing management allows you to harness years of experience in the industry.

There is an abundance of Google courses which show you exactly what to do.

Sharing information you should know about including topics like Google Analytics, Google Fundamentals & even understand Google Searches.

Being thrown in the deep end and having to complete tasks yourself can be the greatest way to learn.

It is up to you on how much you would like to grasp and absorb.

Changing Mindsets

Part of producing content for a multitude of clients requires a change in mindset daily, sometimes even hourly. Although this skill needs practice, it seems that every marketer is embedded with such a specific skill.

It’s like we are special or something. Due to the multiple clients, you deal with.

  • Giving you the opportunity to learn about various industries
  • Allowing you to produce different content for each customer

The skill does require some practice through. This is something I, myself, have aimed at improving since starting my position at Social Path.

I find myself being limited due to a certain way of thinking. I need to be able to switch the way I think for each client with ease.

You can connect with the right type of customer for the specific client if you are able to control your thought processes. Something I am still working on.

Express Your Personality

Within a digital marketing agency, everyone has different interests and has focused on a specific niche of digital marketing. This makes each of us unique or, how I like to call it, a bit “crazy”.

Each person has a bubbly and expressive personality which may look strange to someone who isn’t a marketer.

The best part is that because we all understand this, we are comfortable to express ourselves naturally without having to worry about feeling judged or trying to fit in.

It’s wonderful.

Working Space

Working in the digital space and having management understand that work does not have to be completed in one place, makes all the difference.

It opens the door for employees to work remotely and at the convenience of the employee. By being allowed to work to music you enjoy and in a comfortable environment empowers you to focus on the task at hand.

Ultimately leading to higher levels of productivity.

Although we would like to think that everything is sunshine and roses, there are certainly some challenges which I have experience in my position. Challenges such as:

  • Meeting client demands
  • Switching your mindset
  • Learning in-between working

In every company, there are demands one must meet, but with creating content for clients, syncing your brain waves with the client can often be tricky.

Trying to create something that speaks to both the client’s customers and satisfies the client, can be challenging.

As I mentioned earlier, switching between mindsets to write content for the different clients can be a barrier to producing great content. This ties into meeting the clients’ demands.

If you can’t change your mindset to the relevant client, you won’t be on the same page.

The last challenge isn’t the biggest of issues, but one that people might look over. That is learning while trying to complete the tasks of the day.

With a manager that takes the time to explain the core components of certain topics such as SEO, everything is made simple.

Understanding what needs to be done makes the leap into completing tasks a lot easier. Just remember, part of working is learning.

As you can see, my experience within a digital marketing agency has only been positive with very little hiccups along the way.

I thought it would be more complicated than it is, but getting constructive feedback encourages you to work harder in order to achieve your goals.

I look forward to my career here at Social Path | Warren Isherwood.