Science vs. Art: Will creativity win this 1? 

Is there a place for creativity & data? Or does the pursuit of creative ingenuity vs data still exist? Find out the answer & refine your social media posting strategy.

Do you ever wonder if you should adopt a more creative sided strategy? Or maybe whether or not you should direct your strategy more towards a data-driven approach?

You seek to deliver more relevant experiences and offer a greater purpose. However, there is a continual war between creativity and science. It’s not easy deciding which side you should lean towards.

To make things a little easier for you, we’ve put creativity and data up against one another. Let’s follow the breadcrumbs and see which of these 2 come out on top 


The Match: Science vs. Art

Data’s main purpose is to improve business functions. It’s also used to predict what your customers are most likely to buy next, by matching products to customers.

The importance of data is on the rise and we live in an age controlled by it.

Does that mean that data suffers the accusation of hindering creativity?

Is creativity at threat of suffering extinction by the laser-sharp focus of data?  

We find ourselves at a crossroad at the central hemisphere of the brain, trying to mediate between the left and right side to dictate what comes next.

Let’s take a closer look each contender and see who will take the trophy in this cognitive boxing match.  

The significance of data

In the left-hand corner, coming in methodically and analytically, we have data.

Many believe that reading through heaps of information doesn’t bring about any eye-opening insights. Some feel that reading through heaps of information is distracting.  

However, consumer needs have become increasingly important in today’s digital world.

Understanding a consumer need at any moment in the journey starts with data

Sure, the way data could be used in perfect harmony with creativity is not always easy to see, but, it plays a crucial role in our lives.

“Data is boring” is a phrase you are bound to hear many times

The truth is, data is not boring. It’s quite the opposite actually.

  • Data lets you uncover unique insights about people and culture
  • Numbers tell stories too. They help you better understand what lays before you

The importance of creative ingenuity

In the right-hand corner, coming in with imagination, we have creativity.

Creativity is one of those things in life that doesn’t have a set, single definition. It can be thought of as

  • The ability to interpret something that you experienced and process it into something amazing
  • The ability to tap into your intuition and allow it to guide you down the path of the unexpected

The fact is, today’s users expect the online world to be cutting edge and work in an absolute seamless way. Achieving this, though, is not quite that simple.

This is where creativity really shines.

  • Creativity can do something that the data can’t. It has the ability of creating an emotional bond
  • It plays an imperative role when it comes to generating tangible engagement

Creativity is amazing but what is it without direction?

You may have the most incredible ideas, with creativity oozing out of you. That’s all very good and well, but how will you know where to direct all that and how?

You see, data and creativity have a mutually beneficial relationship. One where they compliment each other. It’s the way that we use them that really dictates the significance of both.

Think of it this way: what are beautiful images and jaw-dropping campaigns without relevancy? So, let’s get to the part we’ve all been waiting for.

The winner?

The winner of this cognitive boxing match is none other than…

Neither. Creative nor data win. The reason is that it should not be creativity vs art. There is a place for both. A place where they are used in conjunction and work together to produce relevant brilliance.

When you’re thinking about how to tackle your social media posting strategy, keep in mind that it should not be science vs art.

Let it be the art of science and the science of art, intertwined to create the future: quantitative art.

Remember, success will land in the hands of those who augment data with creative ingenuity to truly empathise with their customers.