Understanding Different Concepts Of Online Digital Marketing

Online Digital marketing is still a concept that not many people understand, especially within South Africa.

There are various elements to define precisely what online digital marketing is – factors that you are not necessarily exposed to but would like to learn more about.

Well, this blog is for you! By understanding the different concepts of digital marketing, the roles of what you need to do in your company should become more evident. Throughout this blog, we will look at these various topics:

  • What is Digital Marketing
  • Examples of digital marketing
  • Choosing your digital marketing mix
  • Skills needed to become a digital marketer

By covering the basics of these topics, should give you an overall image of what digital marketers do.

You know what they say, knowledge is power. Understanding the industry will allow you to relate to the work required for the digital space.


What is Digital Marketing

Although a specific definition is “the marketing of products or services using digital technologies.” There are other components to digital marketing one might not take into consideration. 

The concept of digital marketing is still growing within South Africa. There are a lot of people who assume marketing is sales. This assumption is incorrect. Yes, there are elements of sales within marketing, but this is not the entire job function.

Marketing focuses on helping your brand reach your consumers. This investigates the thought processes of clients, and building a relationship with each consumer, turning them into brand advocates. 

Examples of Digital Marketing

There are various digital mediums one could use to reach their specific target audience. The typical approaches you expose yourself to are:

  • Social Media
  • Paid advertisements
  • Tv and radio
  • Email marketing
  • Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)
  • Content Marketing
  • Affiliate Marketing

With so many options, how do we know which one to choose? That is where market research comes in.

A very crucial element to any marketing strategy. Without conducting research, which focuses on the detail, your company could focus on the wrong medium, thanks to inaccurate information.

Choosing your marketing mix

Choosing the correct marketing mix for your online digital marketing strategy comes from the research.

At the beginning of the research process, you will have a clear idea of where you want to focus your business efforts. For example, if you are a hairdresser, you could concentrate on Gauteng. 

You are not going to focus on an area where you are unable to deliver products or services.

Once you have your location, you need to see the competition in those specific areas. Creating a USP (unique selling point) can give you an advantage over competing companies.

Through revealing your competition, you will be able to analyse their social media platforms. What potential is there for you to enter the industry? What are your competitors saying and the potential for a new entrant into the market?

All this information will have an impact on the specific marketing mix you will choose. It would help if you scrutinised each element while creating a clear strategy.

Without knowing where you want to go, you will not reach your required customers. 

Skills Needed to be a Digital Marketer

When working in digital marketing, there are various concepts you need to master. Now we all know that this takes time. The sooner you grasp some of these concepts, the better:

  • Content Marketing
  • Data Analytics
  • SEO & SEM
  • WordPress
  • Social Media

There is no specific order to master these skills but having a basic understanding of each one will serve you greatly. Companies are always in search of people who understand the basics.

You can still learn the more technical aspects.

RGB lit laptop with Social Path logo on top

Content Marketing 

Having the ability to persuade people to engage, read, or like your content is essential.

Being able to write posts that get a specific message through to the customer helps build a client-business relationship. Writing blogs where people want to continue reading will drive more traffic to your webpage. 

Although people underplay the ability to write good content, it does take practice to get it right. Knowing which words to use, or the type of content to create.

Data Analytics 

Data is the main driver behind any company. Without utilising the data created, informed decisions are unable to be made. Although every marketer usually has a more creative mind, being analytical can be handy occasionally. 

Every item published creates data that can provide vital information about the consumers of your products and/or services. By having access to this data, you can improve processes within the company, reducing wasted money and time. 

If you allocate resources, you can improve efficiency and productivity in areas where resources are scarce. 


Everything digital will contain SEO (Search Engine Optimisation). Understanding SEO will allow you to get high exposure levels for webpages as well as blogs. Correctly Implementing SEO will help Google rank your site higher up on search results. 

Search Engine Marketing (SEM) relates to paid advertisements through a search engine. This will put an ad at the top of an online search when your user types the specific word into Google.

These are the ads that you see at the top of your search results on the search engine you use. 


WordPress is a highly underrated tool for individuals looking at having control of their website. Those who can harness the full functionality of this program can provide huge benefits to you and your company

Through understanding the fundamentals of WordPress, you can save on costs and time by adjusting components where and when needed. Due to the highly customisable nature and its ease of use, anyone can become a pro. 

WordPress should be one of the core programs to familiarise yourself with when looking for a job within marketing. 

Social Media 

Grasping each social media platform is a fundamental of any position within digital marketing. Knowing where to find information and how to interpret the data is part of your core functions. 

Knowing how the different social media platforms work, will hold you in good stead.

By understanding the tone, appearance, and atmosphere of each medium, allows you to adjust your marketing message to reach your specific target audience. 

With everyone being on social media these days, it’s only beneficial knowing the topics that your clients are interested in to reach them.

There are plenty of marketing companies near me to land your desired position within the marketing realm.

Through gaining knowledge in the fundamentals of online digital marketing, influencing customers will become a breeze.

Allowing you to interact and engage with potential customers who are interested in your products or services.